In addition to the outdoor and indoor pools, the wellness area at Hagymatikum offers guests numerous relaxation and pampering programmes.

It’s time to relax! 


We have 9 different types of sauna waiting for sauna lovers.

Sauna has a highly beneficial effect on the body: it improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins and impurities.


Indulge yourself with the massage offer at Hagymatikum! Our massage services are ideal for you whether you are suffering from muscle pain or just want deep relaxation.


Pamper your skin with the help of our spa services. Choose the fresh aroma bath for a relaxing and refreshing experience or indulge in the healing power of the Dead Sea salt bath.

Zen Zone

The Hydro Massage Bed is a relaxing experience that allows you to destress and recharge thanks to the movement of the water. We offer a wellness experience where the relaxing effect of the hydro massage bed combines with the delicacy and harmony of oriental massage. Zen Zone creates an environment where nature and healing meet.

1000 HUF/10 minutes, 2000 HUF/ 20 minutes


At Hagymatikum, in addition to sauna and spa, we also offer beauty services for our guests.