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Dear Guests!

On the 26th of April 2021 the published 194/2021. (IV.26.) Government Decree on the three stages of gradual lifting of protection measures informed us that by reaching the 4 million vaccines in Hungary, Spas will be able to reopen. The Hagymatikum Spa reopening will happen gradually, in 3 stages.
–         Spa medical registrations are expected to start on the 3rd of May, and our thermal water pools will also become available by the middle of the week after the accreditation of the water samples.

During the first stage, tickets for Makó residents will cost 500HUF and 1000HUF for other guests.

–          During the week of including May 10th, the outside 33 meter and inside 25 meter swimming pools will also open. The swimming building reception will be closed until further notice, until then guests will be able to enter the facility via the Makovecz Square entrance!

–          The additional pools to the spa together with the sauna world and the restaurant are expected to become available to our guests starting with the week of May 17th.

–          The dates mentioned are PLANNED dates, as the condition for opening is mandatory water sampling and testing. The time for laboratory testing of the water samples can take up to 10 days.

–          For our guests over the age of 18, the only way to enter the spa is by providing the plastic protection ID card aquired by vaccination.

–          The spa will be open every day between 8AM and 8PM

–          Given the current situations, it is mandatory for EVERYONE to wear the spa entrance watch inside the spa.

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