The regulation of Hagymatikum Spa in Mako

Operator: Makói Gyógyfürdő Zrt.

6900 Makó, Makovecz Square 6

General provisions

The present regulation refers to all employees of Makó Spa as a public service provider, the users of services, the external service providers in contact with the operator, the contracted service providers, and any person who is in the spa area.

Everyone can take advantage of the spa facilities at their own risk and responsibility


In order to preserve the health and physical integrity of the persons who use the services of the spa, the public bath can not be visited by:

– People with infectious diseases

– People with gastrointestinal diseases;

– Sufferers of acute pains and those who suffer of illnesses that cause unconsciousness;

-People with pathological skin lesions on large body surfaces may not use shared bathing areas, they can only use the individual bath tub.

– People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines with narcotic effects;

– Do NOT take an animal into the spa area. Exceptions are police, guiding and helping dogs.

A child under the age of 14 can stay in the spa area only with an adult. The operator ensures children supervision only in the playroom designated for this purpose.

Services provided by the Spa are available to guests on a first come first served basis. Exceptions to this are: pregnant women, people with disabilities and who cannot walk alone.

The operator has the right to determine the number of persons being simultaneously in the spa area, in order to preserve the quality of the service provided, in accordance with the capacity of the bath.

Operation order

The opening hours of the spa are displayed visibly at the entrance of the spa. Information on the possibility of using certain services is available in the immediate vicinity of the entrances and at reception desk.

Makói Gyógyfürdő Zrt., as an operator, undertakes to provide the services, described in the price list for the guests, at the price fixed during the bath’s operating time.

The services provided at all times and their prices can be found in the immediate vicinity of the reception desk.

The guests are allowed to obtain the rights of using the services only at the reception and cash desks.

For children under 3 (three) years, the spa services are free of charge. For the purpose of enforcing other discounts, it is mandatory to present an authorization card / document.

The operator has the right to change the operating time because of extreme weather conditions or technical reasons. The operator will use the most efficient way of delivering information about changing the operating time to guests.

Certain services are available with the help of the electronic identification provided at the cash registers. Other services are available by making reservations or with validated entitlements.

The use of medical section or partially OEP funded services are only possible on weekdays, exception being the swimming pool bathing (01).

The special services (rental, public voice addressing , etc.) can only be accessed under conditions determined by the operator. For the objects issued for rent, the guest is fully financially liable for damages incurred during the rental period.

The operating order of certain service units, the rules of the use have been placed in visible places, sometimes even with the addition of pictograms. The operator of the facility does not take the responsibility for damages resulting from non-compliance with the regulations or in case of accidents.

To comply with the provisions of the inspection authorities of the facility, to maintain the quality of the bath and for an uninterrupted relaxing of the guests, the following behavior is expected from the guests:

– Smoking in the spa area is allowed only at designated places;

– DO NOT throw waste in any parts of the spa;

– DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages in the public swimming pools and changing rooms;

– Before the use of public swimming pools, use of a bath (shower) and a foot washer is required.

– Non-potty trained children can use public swimming pools only with special swimpants designed for this purpose.

– Public swimming pools are only available to guests with the ages limit displayed on the information boards placed beside the pools.

-Bringing polluting sources into public pools IS FORBIDDEN.

– IT IS NOT ALLOWED to bring into the public swimming pools objects

that cause accidents.

– Guests are responsible for commonly used items placed on the entire site of the facility.

– IT IS NOT ALLOWED to behave in a manner that is detrimental to public policy in the whole area of the facility.

The use of public pools

Information about the use of the pools is provided at the reception and cash desks of the spa.

Children under 14 who cannot swim are allowed to use the pool only under adult supervision.

Children under the age of 14 can use the medical pools only on medical prescription regardless of their purpose.

In addition to swimming pools with a water depth exceeding 1.2 m, a swimming master performs a full-time service, who is responsible for the order and cleanness of the pool.

The swimming pool is only available for swimmers.

The swimming pool and the adventure pool can only be used by everyone at their own risk and responsibility.

An authorized person will be available for teaching swimming and swimming training in the swimming pools, upon prior notification, after the knowledge of pools usage order established by the operating manager and only with a purchased ticket (swimming pool lease, contractual agreement) at the cash desks.

Before the use of the pools operated by the Spa, a pre-shower is obligatory.

The temperature of the pools and the conditions of use are provided by boards placed beside the pools.

Value Storage; Security services; Lost and found objects

For the protection of their values (assets, personal values, etc.), the guests can make use of value-saving services provided by the Spa as additional services. The additional service can be required by our guests at the reception or at the cash desks.

By purchasing a bath ticket, the guest is entitled to use a locker.

The operator assumes responsibility only for the values placed in the safe custody.

Guests can ask about their forgotten, lost values at the reception of the Spa.

The operator keeps the found items for 4 weeks. In case of exceeding the deadline, they are offered for charity, depending on the nature of the objects.

Observations against the spa and the operation of the spa

The guests of the Spa are entitled to comment on the manner of service, its quality or on the staff performing the services, make observation about the damage they have suffered, the deficiency detected or the opportunities.

To make a comment, you can book in the guestbook at the reception desk or you can do it personally at the current shift manager.

First aid

During the opening hours of the Spa, first-aid trained staff are involved.

In the case of any accident, injury or illness of our guests, the easiest accessible employee of the Spa must be notified. After reporting the perceived health problem, the employee will take the necessary action immediately without judging the degree of injury. It starts the first aid, notifies the superiors, calls for additional help, etc. The staff must always do everything to reduce the inconvenience caused by injuries.

There are several first-aid rooms in the Spa, with first-aid and life-saving appliances ready for use.

In all the cases of anomalies or accidents reported to the Operator, the Operator must write a report of the event / first aid, which shall be presented to and signed by the beneficiary and, as far as practicable, the witnesses.

A first aid space was created in the adventure pool area and in the swimming school, as well as first aid kits were installed at the swimming masters and at the reception desk.

Water quality, thermal water composition, hygiene checks

The facilities operated by the Makói Gyógyfürdő Zrt. are according to the current public health regulations.

In all cases, the Operator corrects any shortcomings discovered during the periodic inspections carried out by the competent authorities and informs the competent authority about the measures taken.

The Operator performs regular pool water quality control tests with an accredited laboratory and brings them to the attention of the Guests by placing them visibly near the reception desk.

The Guests of the Spa are always compelled to keep basic hygiene standards for the quality of swimming pools and for the benefit of the other guests.

The right to make video and audio recordings.

Inside the Hagymatikum Spa of Mako and the Swimming School, as well as in the outdoor park area, there can be taken visual recordings (pictures or video clips) and / or sound recordings. The persons involved contribute to the preparation and use of the recording and they can no longer have posterior claims in this respect.

There is no need for the consent of the persons involved in the recording or their consent to the use of that recording in the public life of the media.

Miscellaneous provisions

The basic provisions regarding the operation of Makó Spa are included in the Spa’s Operation Regulations.

In the spa, persons responsible for providing the service (executive, senior and middle manager, shift supervisor, sauna master, swimming pool instructor, swimming pool surgeon, safety guard, medical worker and receptionist-patient manager) are considered to be persons of public service and they are protected in accordance with it! They are responsible for keeping the regulations and enforcing others to keep the regulations.

For as much as the guests of the Spa are in contravention of the regulations and they are not willing to change their behavior despite the warning, the Operator is entitled to refuse them the services provided by the Spa. If the Operator considers it necessary, he or she may also use the assistance of an authorized person to perform the action.

Makó,1st May 2017