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Hagymatikum Gifft Card

Gift away the experience of a lifetime!

You have the fredom to choose which Spa services you spend the charged up money on for 2 years after the purchase of the card.

  • spa tickets
  • massages
  • saunas
  • restaurant services

The card can be purchased at the spa reception or online by writing an email to In case you can’t come after your card, the purchase can also be completed by transaction on which we also add the postal costs. The gift card can only be purchased at our recepcion and via email at with cash or via bank transfer .

The card can be purchased for personal use and also as a gift for family, friends or other people.

The card is used like a normal bank card , except the card is not named and does not have a PIN. After the purchase of a service, the card is charged for the purchased amount and the remaining balance will be shown on the receipt .

2013 - 2018 Makó Hagymatikum Gyógyfürdő – Minden jog fenntartva