Refreshing Aroma Bath

The pleasantly warm bath enriched with herbal extract and essential oils enhances its soothing and refreshing effects.The active ingredients penetrate the body and exert their beneficial effect by absorbing them through the skin or by inhaling.

Dead Sea Salt Bath

It is a special experience to dine in the waters of the Dead Sea.The salt content of the water is 33% or 10 times as salty as other seas.The concentration of salt varies with depth: Up to 40m 300g/kg, up to 90m 332g/kg.In this environment only a few salt-tolerant bacteria can live, so the Dead Sea is virtually sterile.The salt of the dead sea differs from the salinity -26 minerals and trace elements accumulated in it in very large quantities and compositions.

Parajd Salty Bath

The salty bath of paradise can be successfully applied for skin problems,locomotion and rheumatic,stress and gynecological diseases.The salt bath comes from the salt mine in Parajs, which is considered to be one of the best salts in Europe.The natural salt of paradise is not white but greyish. The discoloration is caused by the very sludge residue in the natural mineral substances in the salt.

Red Vine Bath

The use of red wine during bathing has a beneficial effect on our skin.In this individual bath treatment, bath oil containing red wine and grape extract is mixed with a pleasant, aproximatively 34°C, thus benefitin from the effects of the oils and extracts from grapes.