What are the beneficial effect of sauna?

Firsthand ,the sauna is training the blood vessels and stimulating the body,enhancing metabolism, helping in eliminating poisonous and waster products.Short-term warming is good not only the training of blood circulation, but it also releases immunocompromised substances that help fight infection.

Our sauna masters prepare unique sauna sessions for our sauna lovers.
The sessions start with the sauna master warming up the cabi with aromatic berries,special refreshments and surprises.

Sauna Types

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The finest features of the Finnish sauna are combined with the intimate saunas that offer a cozy atmosphere with dark Canadian red cedar paneling.

Temperature: 90-95 °C
Humidity: 20-25%

It benefits from the beneficial effects of essential oils,evaporating into the air, inhaling and providing skin relaxation and refreshing effect for the body.

Temperature: 60-65 °C
Humidity: 20-40%

Flood of Light
The sauna has unique, special lying pads and one of the most advantageous Canadian Hemlock liner covers.Its speciality lies on the light therapy of intermittent colors.

Temperature: 75-80 °C
Humidity: 10-20%

Steam Cabin
The use of the steam room can treat asthma, rheumatism, hoarseness and various muscle pains.With the use of warm humid air, the steam bath relaxes the body, cleanses the airwas and exudes detoxification.

Temperature: 35-50 °C
Humidity: 90-100%

Herb sauna
The sauna is made out of pinewoods made in Finland with scents from other various pines.The character of the cabin is determined by the various herbs that have a positive effect on the body.

Temperature: 55-60 °C
Humidity: 25-35%

Its curiosity is that it radiates long wave infrared beams similar to the sunray, which beneficially and harmlessly warms the upper layers of the skin.

Temperature: 40-60 °C
Humidity: 40-60%

A finn szauna kellemes tulajdonságait ötvözi a meghitt hangulatot biztosító intim szauna, mely sötét színű kanadai vörös cédrus lambéria burkolattal rendelkezik.

Hőfok: 90-95 °C
Páratartalom: 20-25%

The Kelo sauna is made of 300 – 330 years old silver pine from Finland.There are three such saunas in the public baths of Hungary,on of which is in Mako.

Temperature: 35-50 °C
Humidity: 90-100%

The speciality of the sauna is that the light comes from underneath the benches and from the back illuminated glass window decorated with Mako’s onions.

Temperature: 90-95 °C
Humidity: 5-10%

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